Francesca Odone

Francesca Odone

Associate Professor of Computer Science
I am associate professor in Computer Science (Professore Associato INF/01) at the Department of Computer Science Bioengineering Robotics and Systems Engineering (DIBRIS) - Università degli Studi di Genova. I carry out my research activity within the slipguru group where I lead the computer vision area. My current research interests include theory and algorithms in computer vision and machine learning, including variable selection, support set estimation, unsupervised or semi-supevised knowledge extraction from high dimensional sets; object detection and object recognition methods for images and image sequences; behaviors and actions modeling and classification; design and development of applications and prototypes for video-surveillance and biometry; study and development of computer vision methods for extracting 3D information on the observed scene.


Scene understanding, Object Recognition, Image and Video analysis, Video Surveillance, Vision in Robotics

Contact information

Office: 428A Valletta Puggia - Via Dodecaneso 35
Office Phone: +39 010 353-6667