Fabio Solari

Fabio Solari

Assistant Professor of Computer Science
His research activity concerns the study of visual perception with the aim to develop computational models of cortical vision processing, to devise novel bio-inspired computer vision algorithms, and to design virtual and mixed reality environments for ecological visual stimulations. In particular, his research interests are related to (i) neuromorphic architectures for motion and depth estimation, space-variant visual processing, and scene interpretation, and (ii) to the perceptual assessment of virtual/augmented reality systems and to the development of natural human-computer interactions. He has participated to five European projects: FP7-ICT, EYESHOTS and SEARISE; FP6-IST-FET, DRIVSCO; FP6-NEST, MCCOOP; FP5-IST-FET, ECOVISION. He has a pending International Patent Application (WO2013088390) on augmented reality, and a pending Italian Patent Application (TO2014A000235) on virtual reality.


Bio-inspired computer vision, neural modeling, human-computer interaction, virtual reality, augmented reality


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Office: 303 Valletta Puggia - via Dodecaneso 35
Email: fabio.solari@unige.it
Office Phone: +39 010 353-6756

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